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The Best Partner of Investors who are Interested in Japan

Our Business

With the excellent investment environment in Japan attracting the attention and interest of global investors, we established the International Division in 2021 as part of our growth strategy. Our experienced staff provide professional services in both English and Chinese for global customers who are interested in business investment, including real estate investment in Japan. We provide all in one service from brokerage to property management, our business partners can also provide the legal, tax, financial service and other support. We aim to maximize profits and stabilize investment and do the best for our customers. In addition to asset investment, our business partners will provide all aspects of high-level tourism as well as comprehensive medical examination. For mid-term-stay investors and their family, we will provide service selections including education, medical care, and other service that necessary. We aim to become the best partner of global investors who are interested in investing in Japan.
The Best Partner of Investors who are Interested in Japan

Service flow


According to your investment style and capital situation, propose an investment plan that suits you

Investment Existing propertyInvestment Existing property

Select property type
・Residential ・Office buildings ・Office buildings ・Logistics facilities ・Hotels, etc.
Collect property information
・Price benefit survey ・Earnings estimate ・Law and regulation investigation
Acquiring property rights
・Conditional negotiation ・Documents ・Procedures for acquiring property rights, etc.

New Development PropertiesNew Development real estate

Select location
・Investigate advantageous locations ・Analyze competitive products
・Building design ・Investment business income and expenditure plan ・Choose a construction unit
・Construction management ・Decoration design ・Handover

Investment management

・Lessee management ・Cleaning, repairing ・Income and expenditure report

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